Kussen Clothing is a U.K brand with European influences and global aspirations. Kussen clothing prides itself on producing quality, unique and exclusive clothing for its clientele. Kussen Clothing targets those who like simple, subtle, eloquent, luxury and respectable clothing.



Kussen Clothing all stemmed from an innocent lipstick print on the collar of a white shirt. 

Mr Kussen founded Kussen clothing in 2013 and started the flagship Kussen classic series with a range of T-shirt prints. Kussen clothing was new, interesting and unique due to its foreign sounding brand name. Kussen clothing has since then expanded its product range, Collections and grown its fan base. Kussen boasts fresh, unique, bold and simple designs for its clientele spanning jumpers, hoodies and t-shirts. The Kussen brand has reached all four corners of the globe with its clothing reaching 4 continents to date. The Kussen brand prides itself on its reputation as an innovative, respectable and loved brand.